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What is SNTalkTM?:
SNTalk (Smart Network Talk) is an Internet based social communication service to dial most of the Destinations around the Globe. This facility is available from anywhere Internet is available and lawfully permitted and from 32 countries using DID local access numbers.

SNTalk integrates conventional long distance calling, Calling Card, PIN-less calling, VoIP and Cell Phone under a single account. That is why SN Talk’s calling system is “SMART CALLING SYSTEM” and unique from any competition. It is available anywhere and everywhere.

What is SN TALK Long Distance Calling Service?:
SN TALK Service is a cost effective method to call anywhere anytime within the Globe without changing your existing phone Service Provider.

What are the benefits if I choose SN TALK?:
SN TALK Service's offers you the smart features as follows:

  • Compatible with Any Phone, Travel Calling, Internet Calling, VoIP calling, Instant Dialing, PIN-less Service from 5 Registered Numbers, 10 Speed Dial Numbers

  • No Hidden Charges, Instant Balance Information, Auto Recharge, Online Accounting, No expiration of your balance, Referral Minute Scheme

  • 24X7 Customer Care by email (support@sntalk.com) and by phone (1-713-366-8068).

Does SN Talk offer PIN Less dialing?:
Yes, SN Talk offers PIN Less dialing from your cell phone, home phone, office phone, etc. You can add upto 5 of your numbers for this service.

However, this does not restrict you to call from a number that you were unable to add. You will need a PIN number to place your call. Please read “What is next step” to learn more.

Does SN Talk offer VoIP calling?:
Yes, SN Talk offers VoIP calling under the same registration and one single account.

If you have an IP phone or an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) you can easily use SN Talk service. You can even download SN Talk soft-dialer into your PC or laptop and can place call.

SN TALK also has mobile dialer that you can download into your cell Phone and make calls using the same account.

How to make a call?:
To place a call from your Home Phone, Cell Phone, Office Phone etc: Dial the desire access number (available in SNTalk web site) and wait for the IVR prompt.

To place a call from your IP phone or ATA, pick up the phone and dial direct.

To place a call from your PC/Laptop/Cell phone using our softphone, open the software and dial direct.

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  1. What is SN TALK?


  3. What is SN TALK Long Distance Calling Service?

  4. What are the benefits if I choose SN TALK?

  5. Does SN Talk offer PIN Less dialing?

  6. Does SN Talk offer VoIP calling?

  7. How to buy SN TALK Long Distance Calling Service?

  8. How Can I register with SN Talk?

  9. What is the Next Step?

  10. How to make a call?

  11. How to register my home phone, cell phone, office phones?

  12. How to recharge my account?

  13. How do I know my calling minute's usage?

  14. Is there need to change my current telecom service provider?

  15. Is there any hidden cost?

  16. Does my account expire?

  17. What is the customer support number?


How to register my home phone, cell phone, office phones?:
Please login to your member area (Account Login). Click the link “Add Caller ID” from the left menu.

Is there need to change my current telecom service provider?:
No, you might not need to change your current telecom provider.

Is there any hidden cost?:
No hidden cost or additional charges beside the charge for the call you have made.

Does my account expire?:
There is no expiration of your account. Your account will stay as is with your available balance, whether you use it or left idle. However, any account that has a “0” balance for more than six months and/or was not activated will be removed from our system.

How do I know my calling minute's usage?:
Please log into your member are (account login) at www.sntalk.com. Click on the "Call History" link from the left menu and there you can check every single minute usage.

What is the customer support number?:
Our customer support is 24/7. The best way to contact with the customer support is via email. Please email to support@sntalk.com. However, you can also call us at +1.713.366.8068 or +1.718.301.2775

How to buy SN TALK Long Distance Calling Service?:
It's very simple!! First you need to register with the system by opening a free account (please see below “How can I register with SN Talk”). Once your account is active:

  • Login to your SNTalk portal by clicking on the “Account Login.”

  • Click on the Buy Now button and Top-up your account.

  • Start using SN Talk

How Can I register with SN Talk?:
Just visit us at www.sntalk.com and then click on Sign-Up. You will be taken to the “New Customer Registration Page”. Fill-up the information along with your email address, type the verification code and click on the “Confirmation Data” button. Please wait for about a minute after the submission of information until you see Signup Confirmation page.

You will receive an email to verify the signup process with a verification link.

Please click on the link available in the email (if the link does not work, please copy and paste the link information in the address area of your web browser and browse.) to complete the process. We will send you a welcome email with your account details. Your registration is now completed and account is active.

What is the Next Step?:
Please read the welcome email and preserve it safe. This email contains your account number, your login name and password that you would need to login into SNTalk portal (Account Login) and some other instruction.

Login Id and Password gives the liberty to login into your portal, check your account details, top-up your account, check the rates for different destination, add your speed dial numbers, add / register your 5 numbers (caller ID) from where you will be calling and many more.

Account Number is your magic number or PIN number. When you dial our access numbers from a number other than your registered number, IVR will prompt you to enter this number.

Please login to your member area by clicking on the “Account Login” link from www.sntalk.com and top-up your account by clicking on the “Buy Now” button. All transaction is secure and encrypted by PayPal and so is safe.

How to recharge my account?:
There are three ways to recharge your account with SN TALK:

a. Top Up - you can always log into your member area (account login) at www.sntalk.com, click on the “Buy Now” button and recharge as per requirement.

b. When internet is not available dial 1.281.404.0435 and follow the IVR prompt. (Not available yet).

c. Call our customer support number from any of the five numbers that you have registered with SNTalk, (if you are not calling from any of these numbers you will need your account number for verification purpose).

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